It Doesn't Cost Anything Extra To Be Nice

It Doesn't Cost Anything Extra To Be Nice

Seems simple, right? If so, then why is it that we hear story after story in the media about less than pleasant interactions between clients and vendors?

Why is it that we, as consumers, continue to have bad experiences as we try and spend our hard earned money?

One answer, I believe, is the instant society we live in today; with access to phone, text, e-mail, the tips of our fingers.

As a result, positive experiences become even more important and more valubale. We at Advanced realizethat we do not manufacture a product. We do no have a patented device that we sell. We providea service. We integrate complex security products to help make people, places and products safer. That is our business in its most pure and simple form.

And in the past 18 years, we have been blessed with great clients and great partnerships that have allowed us to grow and be successful. But I truly believe that our biggest differentiator is that we do this most often with a smile on our face! We realize that without our clients, we do not have a business.

Our technical staff work long hours, sometimes in attics and ceilings in 100+ degree weather, and often while out of town and away from their families. But they do this work with a smile and passion to help our clients solve problems.

So, while I want to thank all 167 members of our team, I also want each of you to hold us accountable. In this age of instant access, if we are not over-performing and over-delivering, please call me directly at 501.607.1186 or e-mail me at

We KNOW that you have many, many choices in the security integration world and we appreciate you choosing to work with Advanced. We will ALL strive to continue making this a pleasant experience and continue delivering this service with a smile on our faces!



Michael Kennedy