Advanced Offers Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection System

Advanced Offers Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection System

Hugs is the answer to hospitals' concern of infant protection. Two Arkansas hospitals selected Advanced to isntall this system.

Hospitals with maternal child care services all face the same threat - infant abductions. No matter the size or location of these healthcare facilites, abductions can occur. Most hospitals provide some sort of infant protection system in an effort to prevent abductions and mother/infant mismatches.

Hugs wi-fi Infant Protection System, a Stanely Healthcare product, is the key to keeping the most vulnerable patients safe. This system is currently the only tag that uses wi-fi. The previous version of Hugs is the most widely deployed solution for electronic infant security. It is trusted by over 1,400 hospitals worldwide.

This new generation of Hugs raises infant protection to a whole new level by offering advantages like a longer, rechargeable lifespan, hospital-wide coverage and iPhone app notifications.

While the majority of infant abductions occur in the mother's room, there have been successful abductions in the nursery, pediatrics or other parts of hospitals world-wide.

Because Hugs uses wi-fi, infants can be tracked across the hospitals' wi-fi coverage and the staff is alerted if an infant is taken outside of his/her designated areas.

Despite the universal use of the Matching ID Bands System, another common occurance is mother/infant mismatches. Purely manual systems, like the matching bands system, are prone to human error. Hugs can be paired with the Kisses Mother/Infant Matching component which helps to eliminate mismatches.

Advanced is one of only two companies that provide this system in Arkansas. The team is installing Hugs at the new Baptist Health Hospital in Conway, AR and at UAMS in Little Rock, AR.

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