Client Spotlight - Metro Appliances & More

Client Spotlight - Metro Appliances & More

Metro Appliances plans to honor founder with 60,000 sq ft showroom in Northwest Arkansas. "Nick Stavros was a great man whose work ethic and dedication started a billion dollar company from his very own garage." - Todd Krauser, Metro Appliances Trustee

With only $5,000, Nick Stavros turned Metro Appliances & More into a $150,000,000 company that caters to the builder industry, multi-family industry and the residential/remodel home buyer.

Starting out in his garage almost 45 years ago, the company now has nine showrooms across four states: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.

The newest showroom will open in Lowell, Arkansas in 2017 and will honor Nick who passed away two years ago. The showroom itself will be 60,000 sq ft and the warehouse will be another 60,000. Once it is completed, it will be one of the largest showrooms in the United States.

The plan for the space is to create a state-of-the-art virtual showroom that will showcase Metro Appliances' products. Doug Howell and Todd Krauser, Trustees of the company, have enlisted Advanced to help make this happen.

Advanced is making custom interactive kiosks that will allow shoppers to browse dealers in different departments within the store. Once they are ready to talk to a salesperson, they can send for one with the push of a button on the kiosk. A salesperson helps them refine their search and instantly pulls up a quote on the kiosk itself.

The kiosks are custom programmed so if Metro decides to change something, the kiosk can be reprogrammed accordingly.

The intention behind the kiosks is to add modern technology to the environment and appeal to younger shoppers. Studies show that the millennial generation prefers to shop without a sales person by their side and that they feel more comfortable with interactive technology which allows them to control the shopping experience.

If the response to the kiosks is good, Metro will add them to all 11 of their locations.

In addition to the kiosks, Advanced is installing a multi-zone distributed audio system with an integrated multi-zone paging system and outdoor TVs and speakers in the "Outdoor Living" area.