Advanced's Journey through the Last Two Decades

Advanced's Journey through the Last Two Decades

20 years ago, Advanced Cabling Systems was created as an offshoot of Little Rock Electrical. Advanced employed three people, had one client and a revenue of $250,000.

Today, Advanced employs over 180 people, has 6,000 clients and a projected revenue of $31 million for 2017.

To say we've grown quickly is an understatement. By focusing on doing the right things: providing clients with the best service and giving our employees the means to be successful in both a professional and personal sense, we've surpassed those who were once the industry leaders we aspired to be like. We've made it a priority to be the best and the growth and success have came with it.

Despite how fast we've grown, we've faced many challenges along the way. One of the biggest struggles we face is maintaining our culture as we continue to expand. We combat that struggle by listening to our employees' and quickly addressing issues. We feel our culture is what makes us stand apart from others in our industry and we put an emphasis on making it better everyday.

At the root of our awesome culture are the awesome people. We thank our employees for their superior work and our clients and partners for their continued support over the years. You all are our number one fans and without your belief in Advanced, we would not be here today, 20 years since opening our doors in 1997. Thank you!