Advanced Chief Financial Officer Honored as Arkansas Business' Best CFO Finalist

Advanced Chief Financial Officer Honored as Arkansas Business' Best CFO Finalist

Jenny Griffin was named a finalist in Arkansas Business’s Best CFOs for 2017.

When Jenny was a child, she believed she had to have a private bathroom at her office, like her dad, to be considered successful. He still teases her about it.

But Jenny doesn’t have her own bathroom and becoming CFO came to represent success for her more than nay private bathroom. Now she has her dream job as Advanced’s first-ever CFO, and her grandfather’s CPA certificate, the 133rd awarded in Arkansas, hangs in her office with her own.

Jenny says the role she’s held for more than two years is exciting and also scary. “What’s terrifying is, if you’re the first to do it, you don’t want to mess it up. You can’t use someone else’s footsteps or work patterns or anything as an excuse to go, “I’m just following what you’ve always done in the past; sorry that didn’t work out,” she said. “No, you’re blazing your own trail. So, if it doesn’t work well, you have only yourself to blame, which is good and bad.”

She calls her greatest accomplishment making friends along the way and leaving most places she’s worked at better than they were when she arrived. Her 19-year career includes stints at Ernst & Young, Allied Waste, Remington Administrative Services, USAble Life and Delta Dental. Her first year at Remington, she brought annual audit adjustments to zero from 50 the previous year - a very big deal in the accounting world.

Jenny calls herself a “working manager.” She leads by example, treats people as she would want to be treated, never asks anyone to do something she wouldn’t and enjoys her company’s fun-loving culture. She also serves on the board of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County and volunteers with the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.


Article written by, and published in, the Arkansas Business Publishing Group CFO of the Year 2017 edition.