Advanced's 2018 Resolution

Advanced's 2018 Resolution

Looking forward to the 2018 year, my dad said over the holidays that “Your car windshield is larger than your rear view mirror because you should spend more time looking forward than looking back.” So while we have reflected on a wonderful 2017 which included many company awards and various individual accomplishments for many of our team members, we are excited to see what 2018 holds as we are already reaching
toward our goals! As with many people and companies, the begining of a new year is a time when goals are set and resolutions are made.

One or our resolutions involves the use of technology. As the largest technology integration company in the mid-south and the 35th largest in North America, we love and embrace technology. It is hard to imagine that only eleven (11) years ago, there was no iPhone. Now, we see people shopping on their phones during meetings. We see people checking emails at the stoplight. We even see some folks texting during church! Social media is ubiquitous. Look at all the bowed heads and tapping fingers as people commune on their smartphones during sporting events, concerts, walking down the street, or sharing a meal with each other. Our phones are always on and socially connecting.

But what does this mean in our business life? Our constant communication and social media engagement does make us more connected, but is it coming at the sacrifice of real conversation? With our phones at our constant disposal, it seems as though sometimes we only pay attention to the things that we want to pay attention to and turn to our devices when a conversation no longer interests us.

So what does this have to do with in terms of 2018 resolutions? Are we calling for a return to the dark ages of pre-smartphone life? No, but I think that we all need to have a more self-aware relationship with technology. Our clients and our co-workers and our business partners (distributors, manufacturer reps, bankers, lawyers, etc..) are the foundation for our success. Business is, after all, comprised of a series of interpersonal relationships. So challenge us to maintain our resolution. How do we do that? How do we grow those relationships? While we will continue to use technology to grow and push our business forward, help us to all take a few minutes and make that phone call. Have that long lunch. Engage on a personal level with our co-workers and friends and clients. Ask someone how their day is going and genuinely listen. It will make 2018 great. Being nice is easy. It doesn’t cost a dime!

Happy New Year!


Michael Kennedy