Fire Alarm System Servicing

Fire Alarm System Servicing

Being a single source provider for your organization’s life safety needs, Advanced understands the importance of having a properly working system. It has been the number one priority to protect people and property for over 20 years.

Being a locally owned and operated company, Advanced is also knowledgeable of all local codes and regulations when it comes to these life safety systems. 

A broad range of these services include fire alarm, security, and communication systems. Advanced is a certified Potter-PLUS and Silent Knight fire alarm dealer.

When servicing fire alarm systems, Advanced utilizes the most current techniques and equipment on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex fire alarm systems.

Advanced can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping smoke detectors clean and ready to respond to the required sensitivity level.

Each system’s components are thoroughly inspected and tested to enusre proper operation. Equipment is visually inspected and each smoke detector, communications system, and monitoring station is individually tested.

Afterward, Advanced provides a detailed report of the findings as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association and local authority. Any deficiencies in your system are identified and explained.

Advanced is passionate about protecting your people and property and goes above and beyond, ensuring no corners are cut when inspecting and servicing your life safety systems.